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How to check the approved zoning on the URA masterplan?

1) Go to URA Space.

2) Key in the address you are checking

3) Click on Land Use Plans --> Master Plan

4) The colour code determines the usage. Light purple refers to Business 1 (B1), while Dark purple refers to Business 2 (B2).

It is interesting to note that within the same vicinity, there can be both Business 1 and Business 2, even though they are just one road apart. As such, when determining if your trade is allowed in the development, do always check out the masterplan.

Occasionally, you see interesting businesses such as clinics, childcares, gyms and minimart popping out in industrial factories. There are also some factories being used for religious purpose. While they do not fall under the general category of B1 and B2, what are the criterias for change of use? We will share more about this in the next few postings.


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